About Us



We source high-quality flower with from local farms and artisan producers employing sustainable and natural production methods.


FIDDLE FARMS (Hood River, OR) (greenhouse, veganic)
"At Fiddle Farms, we believe in giving back to the land so that is why we grow our cannabis (as well as fruits, veggies and flowers) in a way that is sustainable, resilient, and restorative. Our natural and organic methods focus on plant-based fertilizers, extractive plant teas and polyculture that are gentle to the earth. These elements work symbiotically to create habitats that nurture our resident beneficial insect population and increase biodiversity. In addition, we make sure all of our farm animals eat only organically-produced, non-GMO grains, vegetables and supplements so we know exactly what’s in the manure and worm castings we use in our custom soil mixes."

ACHTERMAN ACRES (Hood River, OR) (sungrown)
Achterman Acres is a Hood River farm using organic methods.

GROEN FARMS (The Dalles, OR) (sungrown)
"Groen Farms is located in the Cascade volcanic arc region of northern Oregon. Our farm can be found in one of Mount Hood’s most majestic and tranquil valleys. With Mt. hood as the backdrop, crystal clear running water and rich soil developed over thousands of years, Groen’s growing environment cannot be replicated. Our Cannabis will provide for consistently enjoyable experiences every time."


Our all-flower prerolls are made in-house and are hand-packed in organic hemp paper.


We carry cartridges in varying concentrations and sizes for portable vaporizing. These are ideal for convenience and discretion. The cartridges are prefilled with a concentrated, CO2 extracted oil and screw into a USB-chargeable battery that contains the heating element.


We carry edibles suited for both medical and recreational customers.

New to edibles?
Edibles have effects that can be much more potent than smoking. Expect a delayed onset from 30 minutes to 2 hours after the time of ingestion that lasts for 3 to 5 hours or possibly longer. Start with a dosage of 5 mg and give yourself 6-8 hours to completely feel the effects of that dosage. Depending on your response, you can increase your dosage in increments of 5mg the next time, until you find what’s comfortable for you. Be sure to read all packaging and labeling, as products can vary greatly in concentration.


Topicals are a good choice for those wanting localiazed theraputic, and pain-relieving effects. Most topicals can be used without intoxcating effects.